Arch. Franco Pè 

Founder of the architectural studio STUDIO PE' which has been operating for over 30 years in the field od residential and industrial building design.



The design of each new home is studied according to the locationon where it will be built.
Modern and classic lines can coexist or alternate in a harmonious dialogue with the context and a wise use of materials allows to obtain valuable achievements both in Italy and abroad.
The studio deals with urban planning for new settlements, both residential and tertiary. The inclusion of buildings in the existing fabric is directed to the preservation of the green and its enhancement in addition to respecting the morphology of places.
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The studio also deals with creation of new hotel facilities as well as the skillful redevelopment of existing accommodation facilities. Functionality, usability, choice of materials and comfort are the guidelines of our achievements to allow guests to stay in the most appropriate way.
With particular interest, the studio takes care of the development of interior furnishings for areas dedicated to catering, knowing how to wisely grasp the customer's requests to obtain comfortable and functional environments. The careful use of materials, with appropriate shapes and colors allows you to get the ideal place to enjoy delicious dishes.
Miya Sushi Restaurant - Collegno
Commercial spaces, stores, gyms, neighborhood activities, our studio collaborates with major retail chains of commercial areas on the national territory.
Our purpose consists in the design activity aimed at satisfying the needs of the community and public administrations, through an architectural and technical-functional quality that complies with environmental, urban planning and protection of cultural and landscape heritage regulations.